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Westport Pet Memorial

Pet Cemetery & Burial Services
Serving the Waunakee Area & Dane County Since 1982

The Rainbow Bridge
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Westport Pet Memorial

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Sue Porter

Owner, Operator

A quiet, nice, peaceful place to gather your thoughts and honor your beloved furry family member lies just north of Kennedy Drive and west of Highway 113. Since 1982, Sue Porter has designated
5 beautiful acres of land to Westport Pet Memorial.

With a history of showing English Mastiffs, Sue knew she wanted to find her dogs a final resting place close to her. While pet cemeteries were prominent in other parts of the country, Dane County and the surrounding areas did not have such a place,
until Sue created one.


Today, Westport Pet Memorial welcomes many furry and feathered families from across Wisconsin, including dog heroes from local police and sheriff K-9 units. 

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