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Losing a beloved pet is extremely difficult and honoring their memory should not be Westport Pet Memorial offers burial and cremation services at our 5 acre cemetery in Westport/Waunakee, Wisconsin.

Cemetery Burial Services

If you and your family decide on a cemetery burial for your pet, we provide all the necessary services from your pet's passing until their designated burial date.


Traditionally, we offer burials from late Spring through late Fall. Should your pet pass outside of our burial window, we will hold your pet free of charge until the next available burial date. 

Burial services include picking up your deceased pet from your home or any veterinary clinic in Dane County and bringing them to our pet preparation area.

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Cremation Services


If cremation is better suited for your family, we are available to transport your deceased pet to a private cremation at Midwest Cremation Service and return the remains back home to you within 3-5 business days.

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If you have questions or need additional information,
please call us directly, (608) 249-3278.


Cemetery Burial Services

All Burials Includes:

  • Transportation of the Deceased Pet

  • Plot Located in Westport Pet Memorial

  • Double Wall, Almond Pet Casket

  • Opening and Closing of the Grave

  • Transfer of the Casket to the Memorial Site

  • Any Necessary Grooming



  • $600.00 for 24" (Most Small Dogs & Cats)

  • $700.00 for 30" (Medium Dogs)

  • $825.00 for 42" (Large Dogs)



Cremation Transportation Services

We are able to pickup your pet after euthanasia or natural death from the veterinary office or your home to take them to the cremation facility. We offer this service as some may not have the strength or ability to transport their pet. 


Once the individual, private cremation is complete, we bring the remains back home to you and your family. This process typically takes 3-5 business days. 

This is a very personal and special way to ensure your pet gets the dignity they deserve.


  • $290.00 for pets up tp 35 pounds

  • $320.00 for pets from 36-75 pounds

  • $340.00 for pets from 76-100 pounds

  • $360.00 for pets from 101-150 pounds

  • $415.00 for pets from 151-200 pounds


Memorial Stones

Pechmann Memorials, located in Madison, Wisconsin, continues to provide high quality,
professionally crafted memorials and stones for Westport Pet Memorial. 
Please reach out to Pechmann Memorials at 608-249-8178 to schedule an appointment to design your pet's memorial stone. Typically, they visit our cemetery in late Spring and Fall to set the memorials. They will help you design the stone, schedule your memorial placement, and ensure your beloved, furry family member is honored for years to come.
Memorial stones are optional and are not included with burial and cremation services provided by Westport Pet Memorial. We do prefer that the memorials are professionally made as we do have commercial lawn equipment maintaining the grounds.